Why Race Innovation?

Race Innovation is a Division of Sporting Innovation Group, which has developed a wide array of consumer products focused on multi-sport athletes.  With a team entrenched in the  endurance industry, our goal is to offer innovative solutions for events.

Key reasons to make Race Innovation part of your event experience:

  • Sponsor Value: Opportunity for sponsors to extend their brand awareness on unique race products, thereby increasing the value of a race or team sponsorship.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase awareness of the race or organization with branded material.
  • Athlete / Race Systems: Well designed “race systems” create a more professional looking event and smoother experience for athletes.
  • Race Official Results Quality: Increasing visibility by Race Officials for greater athlete recognition during all segments of events.  This improves the process for better quality and increases the safety of athletes.
  • Staff Management:  Consistent, easy to read information for event and volunteer team to manage the participants during a race event.
  • Spectators Experience:  Easier race identification to follow those athletes they came to support.