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Sure LaceA tried and true unique never tie again lace system appreciated by walkers, runners and triathletes trying to save some time getting out the door and making transitions quickly in life and sport.

The laces not only eliminate tying, but they actually make shoes fit better with it’s unique two points of adjustment for both the ankle and toe box.

Fully customizable for events, teams, or sponsors logos.

Custom Assembly in the USA: Yankz! laces are made in Georgia by using clients with physical and mental disabilities.

This is they have been assembled in the USA for the last 10 years.  (click here for video)

Customized Mini-Packaging Option

Mini PackagingWe have taken a step to now not only customize the product, but customize the packaging for organizations.

This options allows you build your brand and give more room for a marketing message about your organization.

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Who Actually Does The Assembly?

Green Give-A-Ways

Green GiveawaysGreen Give-a-way Product Choice! Yankz! EcoSure is make taking plastic bottles melting them down and bringing back as threads and weaving them into Yankz! Eco SureLace System.

This product is produced in conjunction with Coolmax using their EcoMade Thread technology The product could be made cheaper, but in the long run every manufacturer will be forced to take their own Green steps as a company.

For now, we have white, black, navy, royal blue, green, brown and grey available in the Yankz! Eco SureLace System.NO additional cost, same price even for better product.

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