Passion For The Sport

Passion for the sport is the common theme for the team that has developed Race Innovation.  Below is a snapshot of a couple members of our team.  An extensive team of excellent team members are dedicated to product innovation, operations, finance/accounting and create a full experience for our customers.

Pierce Pape
Sr. Trail Guide, International Sales
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Pierce PapePierce Pape is a past race director, innovator, scout leader, avid runner and has participated in hundreds of races – both long distance and shorter distance.

Pierce began his career in the printing business as Co-owner of the Riverside Group for print bookbinding and paper finishing which was ranked in the top 5 firms in the US.

For the last 12 years he has developed Sporting Innovations Group and it’s philosophy to build the brands of others by customizing products for hundreds of event organizations.

One fundamental core belief of his is that we have important methodologies to execute for success but innovators must consistently raise the bar of service for our customers.  We take pride in building the brands of our customers.

Te Koi Smith
National Sales Director
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Te KoiTe Koi Smith has annually volunteered at 3-5 triathlons and running events over the past decade.

Going from a ground zero triathlete, he use to top the scales at 220 pounds and got involved in triathlon after seeing Triathlete Magazine in a store and thought, “How hard could this be?”

Te Koi went straight from sprint distance to Half Ironman distance in less than a year and has never looked back. He enjoys all distances, but has a special love for going long with the Half & Iron distances. He is currently a 3-time Ironman finisher.

Te Koi has learned from some of the best Race Directors who have shared their knowledge of how to not only make the best possible course layout, but run a successful, safe and fun event for all athletes.  In his current role, he utilizes these lessons by ensuring an event is well run as a strong tool for brand awareness.